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Our four year before and after home tour! 

Welcome to the before and after tour of our modern Craftsman home with tons of custom DIY touches. 

Can you believe it…we’ve been in our “new” home for more than four years now! 

It feels like we’ve lived here MUCH longer. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. 😉 

While we were building I had so many people ask what I was going to do with myself in a new, finished house. 


Well…plenty. 🙂 

I love sharing how our home has changed year after year! I’m sharing photos from when we moved in and how those rooms look now. 

You know how much I love good before and after pics! 

Keep in mind…working on our home is my job. I’m so lucky to be able to do this as my business…but I never want anyone to feel like this is the normal pace for DIY projects. 

DIY is my passion, so I’d be doing it no matter what!

First up, let’s take a look at how far my office has come! 

Here’s the view shortly after we moved in…after I stopped using it as our storage room. 😉 

floating desk middle of office

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It worked perfectly with my plan to float my desk in the middle of the room. 

After that built in project and a few more updates, this is where we are today: 

office with dark green bookcases
It’s funny — that rattan light fixture made all the difference in here. The smallest thing tied it all together! 
My other favorite purchase for this room was that modern wood chair…can you believe that’s from Walmart? 

The other side of the room was pretty plain before: 

black vintage dresser brass hardware
huge DIY fabric bulletin board

I like that I’m not looking at a blank wall while I work — now it’s full of ideas and mementos. 

The Foyer 

Our foyer hasn’t seen a ton of changes, but the ones I’ve made make it feel bright and modern. 

Here’s the before — at first I was putting every item in the same exact same place it was in our last home: 

blue dresser in foyer or entry

I realized after time that it’s OK to not keep things set up as they were there. 

It’s a new house, change is good! 🙂 

I added a super inexpensive $15 board and batten wall and added molding like crown and new, thicker door headers

foyer with simple board and batten white wall

This space is the perfect example of how much trim and molding adds to a space! It feels so much more “us” now. 

The Kitchen

Our kitchen was ready to go when we moved in, but I’m always on a mission to add character and interest in brand new spaces. 

Here’s a look at our kitchen four years ago: 

white kitchen gray island

It was lovely! 

You know me though…

I’ve done so many small updates in here, too many to list! 

white kitchen black brass lights

This is the side view before: 

kitchen with butcher block island
DIY floating shelves with wine glasses
Our black and brass pendant lights were in my head from the start and I still LOVE them! 

extended shiplap kitchen island

See how that extended island makes it feel so much more substantial? I’m so glad I tackled that project.

The Basement 

I feel like 2021 has been The Year of the Basement in our home. 😉 

I’ve worked on SO MANY projects down there. Let’s take a look at some of the big before and afters!

The biggest was probably the largest DIY build I’ve ever done. 

We have a really long wall in our basement family room that was calling out for something BIG: 

built in bookcases before
DIY TV built ins with cabinets
large built in entertainment center wall

It’s massive! Eighteen feet to be exact. I would have paid a small fortune to have someone build that for us. 

Have I mentioned how much you’ll save with a little DIY knowledge? 🙂 

Our walls were all Agreeable Gray before: 

basement family room agreeable gray

Lazyboy light gray sectional

I started with one accent wall, then eventually painted all of the walls in this moody Westchester Gray color:

large sectional with chaise in basement

Dark westchester gray basement walls

large map art on dark gray wall

A few months ago I continued that look at the base of our stairs. 

Here’s how that spot looked before: 

accent wall at bottom of stairs

modern accent wall with sconce

Last year we added a small wall down here — we wanted to break up some of the open concept layout.

It allowed us to add a game table in the middle. What was once a blank wall: 

Agreeable Gray Sherwin-Williams

long picture ledge with toy storage

We are thoroughly enjoying our basement space, and will spend a ton of time down there this winter. 🙂 I would hibernate down there all the time if I could! 

The Family Room

Our family room has been warmed up over the years with deep color and decorative trim. 

Here’s how it looked shortly after we moved in: 

great room with tall ceilings and fireplace

And now with that moody dark Cyberspace color I love so much!:

tall fireplace wall with grid trim

It’s funny, because this room is SO open and has tall ceilings, but I think it’s one of the coziest spaces in our house. 

We just love it! 

Here’s how that area looked four years ago: 

dressers by fireplace

And that spot now: 

Cyberspace fireplace with bookcases

The Hallways and Nooks

This house has a lot of little nooks and hallways that we didn’t have before, and I’ve really enjoyed giving them all special treatment!

Our basement stairway landing started out pretty plain:

stair landing wall before
striped wallpaper in foyer

I LOVE how that turned out!: 

blue and white pinstripe wallpaper

My first wallpaper project was in this little hallway: 

art around thermostat

blue and white floral wallpaper

Our Cozy Bedroom

Our bedroom had so much potential — we loved all of the big windows and the tray ceiling: 

master bedroom with large windows
dark tray ceiling with wood beams
TV surrounded by simple frames
gray grasscloth wallpaper

All of those changes have made this room so cozy and warm…it’s such a calming space. 

The Morning/Dining Room

Our dining area/morning room hasn’t undergone any big changes lately, but it’s come a long way in four years!

It’s always been a pretty space: 

morning room windows sliding door

I have a deep love of window seats and knew this room would be a perfect spot for one. 

I even made to sure to adjust our light fixture placement because I was so sure we’d add one along the back wall: 

dining room with window seat bookcases

I later painted the walls that same dark blue Cyberspace that is on the family room fireplace: 

Agreeable gray paint color
DIY window seat and bookcases

And the simple squares trimmed out on the walls added even more interest. 

The window seat is very popular with the cats! 🙂 

We love the cozy additions in here: 

morning room three windows
dining room with dark blue walls

The Mud/Laundry Room Combo

I never thought I would say this after our teeny tiny laundry and mud room combo at our first house, but I LOVE having those combined now! 

It’s all about the space and layout…if you have enough space and a smart layout, the two work really well together. 

I was on a mission to add a ton of storage in this room and that turned into big makeover! 

We had this folding table to start: 

boring folding table before

But this set of base cabinet drawers and uppers works SO MUCH better!: 

blue floral wallpaper in laundry room

I customized stock cabinets from the hardware store to create these custom looking beauties! 

Here’s another angle to see how much this room has changed!:

folding table in laundry room

laundry mud room base drawer cabinets

My Closet Makeover

I recently shared my closet makeover…this one looks great, but the way that it functions now is the real star. 


I wish I had done this a long time ago!! 

It didn’t look bad before…but the problem was it never stayed like this:

closet with no drawer storage

I really needed more space for folded items, and the answer came in my new IKEA Pax closet build

DIY IKEA Pax custom closet

I’m adding some decorative details slow but sure and can’t wait to share how I’ve made this space even prettier!

The Back Patio

And finally, the one outdoor space we’ve tackled so far…the back patio.

concrete patio with round fire pit

And now our back yard is one of our favorite places to be! It is just DREAMY out there!:

patio with cafe lights and fire pit
Adding those cafe lights over the patio was a game changer — make sure to check out that tutorial if you don’t have big mature trees and need something that will hold a lot of weight! 

Whew!!! That’s a lot, I know! 

I’m always working to create a cozy and welcoming house that still feels classic and sophisticated. So far I feel like I’ve accomplished that. 


It’s so fun for me to look back at these photos, I hope they inspire you to create custom touches in your home as well. 

If you have any questions about any projects or paint colors, let me know in the comments!

If you’re interested in any of the items pictured, check out the shop our home tab for links to the items in all of these rooms. 

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