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If you’re a renter who moves often, you’ve probably noticed the items that always go with you, and the others you get rid of and repurchase to some extent (replacing a dated piece of furniture, buying new wallpaper, etc.). That repurchasing phase can be quite costly, on top of what you already spent moving from Point A to Point B, but HGTV expert Carmeon Hamilton shared a simple rule that will help save money the next time you’re switching places: decorate your rental so you can take it with you.

The Memphis-based interior designer has a new show on Discovery+ called “Reno My Rental” that’s all about decorating a rental on a budget. In a recent episode, she helps a singer and songwriter take her new rental apartment, which is filled with her childhood furniture, and uplevel it to a more mature, sophisticated look. And Hamilton accomplishes this by keeping longevity and mobility in mind the entire time, prepping the space to be lived in while considering future moves.

First, Hamilton recommends that the renter invests in one important thing: a grown-up sofa. She explains that a good sofa will last for a decade, so it’s important to choose a modern, neutral-toned piece that will match any future spaces it’s placed inside. While this might be a pricey investment upfront, Hamilton mentions it will pay off as it lasts throughout years (read: moves).

Wallpaper is in, but if you’re a renter, you might not have the ability or permission to install it in your space. And even if you do, and you end of loving it, you can’t take it with you to your next home. Hamilton solves this by framing a wallpaper-covered piece of plywood in a large, beautiful frame, making it the eye-catching piece in a room. This is also a perfect first project if you’re interested in getting into DIYs, as it’s simple and looks like an Instagram background.

Finally, Hamilton saves the young renter thousands of dollars by repurposing furniture she already has. With a fresh coat of paint and some creative thinking, her childhood bookcase becomes a desk. Before throwing out old furniture, think outside the box as to what other purpose it could serve now and in the future. It’ll feel like a brand new piece that can go with you to the next rental and you’ll have some extra money in your wallet.

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