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Picture it: You’ve just moved into your dream apartment. It’s got everything you wanted, like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and tons of natural light. With every box you unpack, you feel more and more settled in…. except your living room is feeling a little hollow. Why? Because the couch you’ve ordered won’t arrive for another few weeks. Not cool! This is an all-too-familiar scenario that many have found themselves in when ordering a new sofa. Nothing about your new pad will feel complete until you have this staple piece of furniture, and though a few bean bags and barstools might bode well as a temporary solution, waiting for a new sofa to arrive can feel like you’re waiting an eternity. Recently, I discovered Albany Park, a furniture brand that’s breaking the mold when it comes to furniture delivery. This Black-owned business is not only delivering some of the most stunning and cozy sofa designs you’ve ever seen, but they’ve found a way to deliver all orders in a week or less. Our prayers have been answered!

Typically, furniture companies can take weeks, or even months, to fulfill sofa orders, and there are many reasons for that. Sometimes, the issue is caused by shipping delays if the furniture is coming from overseas suppliers. Other times, the issue could be that you’ve selected a highly customized sofa that’s being made to order. Albany Park‘s owners, Darryl and Jessica Sharpton, brilliantly eliminated these delays with their disruptive model.

The husband and wife team decided to get rid of the decision fatigue sofa shoppers typically face by developing three sofa models in a variety of colors and configurations. By streamlining their inventory, they’re able to offer sofa models that can ship in as little as a week! On top of that, they’ll even give you 30 days to lounge around on your new couch before deciding if you want to keep it or not. Don’t love it? They’ll take it back, no questions asked.

If you think Albany Park is sacrificing speed for comfort, think again. Our commerce editor (and resident tester!) Britt recently tried the Kova Sofa, which ended up being a gem. “I can plop down on it just as carefree as I would any other sofa,” she wrote. “Making the Kova Sofa deep set was a really smart choice design-wise, because it suits the cushions extremely well. The added support of the sturdy upholstered wood frame helps to create an excellent balance between coziness and structure that results in a sofa you can nestle into for ultimate comfort.”

If you’re planning to move in the near future, or simply want to upgrade your old, worn-out sofa for a new, cozy one, Albany Park’s got some great options to choose from. While not all of their inventory is fast-shipping due to current market demands, you can find a pretty (emphasis on pretty) good selection that will ship fast and free.

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