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Value statements aren’t just for startups. The right words, in just the right order, can speak to your soul and help you heal all manner of bad habits or patterns.

Now that we’re halfway through this decluttering project, I thought it might be a good time to take a break for reflection. Today, we won’t be doing any decluttering. All I want you to do is sit down somewhere and think about the past week. Think about the things you discarded from your drawer and your closet. Think about the objects that you cleaned up from around the kitchen and living room. You can even go peek at your in-progess boxes full of stuff if you need a reminder.

Then settle in and get started on today’s assignment — all you need is your brain…

Day 7: Establish a guiding principle.

As you think back on everything you decided to remove from your home this week, look for patterns or commonalities. Do you see a lot of one type of clutter? Can you pinpoint a habit that’s leading you to acquire more than you need? Chances are, to really commit to a clutter-free life, you need to re-frame your relationship to things in general.

Today’s assignment is to coin or borrow a guiding principle that can help you live a life with less. The goal is to find a phrase that speaks to you and that you can repeat and remember in the moments when you’re faced with the opportunity to bring more and more objects home with you.

Here are some guiding principles that have worked for me and other readers in the past, but like I said, you’re free to craft your own based on whatever it is you think you need help with.

Once you’ve selected your guiding principle, write it down in a place where you’ll see and remember it. You can write it on a sticky note and stick it to your wallet, or make it the background of your phone. Trust your gut here, and leave this reminder for your future self of how committed you are to a cleaner life at home.

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