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Gutting a kitchen, especially a larger one, doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Watch for sales. Do projects in phases. And instead of replacing cabinets, go for paint — just be sure to ensure a top-notch paint job that holds up over time.

That’s what Michael Panagis did with his outdated, drab kitchen. Since it’s a large space, Michael expected to spend tens of thousands in order to give it the face-lift it desperately needed. However, the redo was completed with the help of paint, patience, and some discounted finds.

“Everything about the design of the kitchen bugged me since I bought the home in 2004,” Michael says. “The colors, the poor lighting, the ugly cabinets, the cheap appliances, the cheap tile, and the bland countertop. All I wanted to do was turn the kitchen lights on and smile.”

The project took almost two years, as Michael completed everything in different stages. After replacing the appliances with stainless steel ones, Michael looked to hire help to paint the cabinets blue-ish gray, opting against a more traditional white kitchen. “Being sticker shocked was an understatement for replacing the cabinets. It was more like a sticker heart attack,” Michael says. “I thought if I can find a reputable company to paint them, install soft-close hinges and some hardware, that may be a great way to save money.”

Next, Michael replaced the countertops with a bright quartz, added a bold, patterned backsplash, and replaced the floor with waterproof vinyl that features cool tones to play off the blue-gray cabinets. The final touch was replacing the island lighting to be more modern and bright.

With the help of the right contractors, Michael brought his vision to life. “I did nothing myself,” Michael says. “I can barely screw in a lightbulb.”

The project stayed under his budget and ended up costing under $25,000. Michael’s advice to stay on budget is to wait for those sales and do projects in phases.

His favorite part? The backsplash that both pops and matches the rest of the kitchen.

“I just love the colors of my new kitchen,” Michael says. “I also love how it looks completely different from any other kitchen I’ve seen. I am most proud of the price I paid for this project.”

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