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An (Amazing-Smelling) Way To Get Rid of Hornets, Mosquitoes, and HorseFlies

Welcome back to One Good Thing STILL AT HOME!!! And also this week outside.

Okay, full disclosure, Hands and I are playing around with our format and having fun. I’ve also chosen to go deep on insect repellants, because it’s a personal passion and I’ve been finding a bunch of really interesting new solutions. SO, this week I want to introduce you to these HUGE natural flyaway sticks by a company I’d never heard of before, which are truly lovely, elegant and conversation starters. The pack has 40 sticks which are each 19″ long – big – and they burn for 2.5 hours. Oh, and they’re made of geranium, Texas cedar, clove and other ingredients, keeping away not just mosquitoes, but horseflies, hornets, and the common fly.

Come jump right in and leave me your comments here and on Instagram. We’re solving problems, learning and having fun.

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