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A couple years back, we saw the #cottagecore aesthetic pop up, and we were all in. Yes, floral patterns. Yes, grandmillennial style. Yes, nap dresses. Then 2020 came around, and well, you know all that. The takeaway there is that #cottagecore is going to stay with us for a while. We fell in love with the idea of a cozy little home that supported our various naps and whimsy, plus our new loves of homesteading hobbies. (My sourdough starter is still thriving, thank you.) And that need for comfort isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re looking to bring some of this aesthetic into your home but don’t want to go too “Grandma’s cabin,” consider a sub-style we’re calling Cottage Chic. This look draws from nostalgia and comfort, but streamlines it just enough to work in contemporary homes. To illustrate the style, we shopped the collection of At Home®. It’s the home decor superstore that has everything from little accents to big pieces, all at an affordable price point. Here are 15 of our favorite finds, with thousands more waiting for you in At Home’s stores.

Soft Touch Floral Rug, 5×7, $169.99
This slightly abstracted print brings florals into a room in a big way. It’s got a neutral palette that will anchor the room, but presents it in a bold, statement-making look.

8″ Ceramic Vase, $12.99
Calming white with speckles of blue and down-to-earth accents carry a bit of the bucolic countryside wherever it goes. An approachable vase that feels homey in any home.

Large Rounded Planter, $89.99
This planter’s colors feel vibrant and somewhat aquatic while still maintaining their composure, and that’s quite the feat. With larger plant holders like this, having a distinct style and pattern helps them feel like they’re really contributing to your space.

White Wooden Overlay Mirror, $99.99
Something about layering a mirror under lightly distressed wood makes looking at your reflection a little more fun. Find yourself in the smaller spaces and appreciate the details.

Plaid Rug, $19.99
A quiet plaid like this gray and beige composite here is cozy and familiar. This rug adds a subtle rustic note to hallways and looks exceedingly handsome atop hardwood.

Striped Accent Chair, $299.99
Accent chairs are meant to stand on their own, and this striped model with scrolled arm- and headrests will definitely catch people’s attention. The visible metal buttoning along the sides and ornate front feet offer even more to admire.

Blended Scent Citronella Candle, $6.99
All the materials — glass, leather, and wood — are laid bare in this candle to bring a natural beauty to your deck, patio, or any outdoor space. Here, citronella has been blended with other scents for a pleasant evening aroma.

Yellow Gingham Pillow, $12.99
Gingham — in the right amount — never goes out of style. And the wide lines and lively tassels make this pillow feel like it came straight out of a storybook.

LED Lantern Candle, $6.99
This electric candle is a great example of where chic comes into play. The design is traditional, but the modern convenience of not having to deal with a real candle makes it so much easier to say yes to.

Decorative Floor Lamp, $99.99
The crisp white lampshade and beveled base might feel almost regal on their own, but the repeating pattern on the post brings a liveliness you’ll want to keep around.

Blue Hanging Pot, $12.99
Blue and white are an unbeatable color combo, and the handmade look of the pattern makes this pot feel like it’s already lived in your home for years. The twine rope doubles down for an additional old-world touch.

Wicker Lounge Chair (set of 2), $499.99
Modern improvements to old-fashioned materials are a real win-win. The durable all-weather wicker gets study support from a metal frame, and the cushions bring indoor comfort outside. Plus the shaping at the ends of the armrests is so beautifully quaint.

Outdoor Wicker Ottoman, $49.99
Finding a good place to rest your feet when you’re relaxing outdoors is hard, so the fact that this ottoman helps out while providing a burst of color is a big plus. This can easily become a visual centerpiece on your patio or backyard.

Green Multi Pot, $29.99
Having a planter that feels as lively and varied as the plant life in it is important, and this nearly pastel green model pulls that off in an unexpected way. The tiny handles really are cute, too.

Teal Metal Chair, $89.99
This chair manages to stand out by slimming down and simplifying a classic design. The gorgeous teal finish feels a bit retro, but never dated.

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