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If you’ve got a box full of ‘90s toys in the attic of your childhood home, you might want to spend some time rummaging through the collectibles. A nostalgic new report from TheToyZone reveals the iconic ‘90s toys worth a fortune today — and the highest childhood treasure is valued at $50,000, so there is that. According to the toy review site, the most expensive toy sold has been a Rainbow the Chameleon Beanie Baby from 1997, raking in a whopping $50K

Before you speed on over to your childhood home to look through items, Rainbow the Chameleon Beanie Baby is not the only ‘90s toy now worth a sizable sum. TheToyZone looked up more prices on price guide engine Mavin and analyzed a list of over 340 toys to determine the cost of other collectibles from the era. The toy experts also put together an interactive table (below) with a dropdown feature that outlines the most expensive ‘90s toys of yesteryear. 

Before you waste hours toggling with the table, some key findings: Beanie Babies reign supreme as the most popular and expensive ‘90s toys. On top of Rainbow the Chameleon Beanie Baby coming out as the most pricey item, nine out of the top 10 most expensive ‘90s toys were exclusively from the Beanie Babies series, including Valentina ($29,999), Maple the Bear ($18,000), Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant ($15,000), and more. The one non-Beanie Baby in the top 10 is a copy of the Goldeneye 007 game for Nintendo 64, selling for $14,499.

Before you ask, yes, obviously a Furby made the list, too. An electronic Furby from 1998 came in as the 12th most valuable ‘90s toy, selling for $10,000. Other notable findings include an American Girl Doll, Felicity Merriman from 1991, valuing at over $7,800, and a Game Boy Pokemon, Pikachu Edition from 1999, valuing at over $7,500. Toggle with the interactive table above for more prices. Sometimes — just sometimes! — it pays to hoard old items.

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