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In October 2020, designer, author, and artist Justina Blakeney signed on with Target as a “Home Style Expert.” Now, she’s doubling down on that multi-year partnership, going beyond just collaborating on makeovers and curating Target product by serving as a designer for Target’s Opalhouse line. She’s putting her Jungalow brand’s unique boho style stamp on everything from candles to pillows, and this marks the first time Target’s Opalhouse brand has launched a collaboration with an outside designer since its inception. “Target is known for one-of-a-kind partnerships that deliver incredible design at an amazing value, and this new collection with the inspiring and talented Justina Blakeney will fill our guests’ homes with a whole lot of joy,” says Samara Tuchband, senior vice president of merchandising of home at Target.

Talk about a lot of joy — the Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™ collection consists of just under 300 pieces across the categories of bedding, bath, decor, furniture, wallpaper, and more. “This collection was inspired by my love of nature and regions of the world that inspire me, especially India, Mexico, Morocco, Italy, and my home state of California,” says Blakeney. “You’ll find some repeated symbols, shapes, and motifs are woven throughout the collection. For example, you’ll find lots of birds to symbolize freedom, hands to symbolize protection, and arches that symbolize strength and support.”

As far as colors go, if you’re a fan of the bold, bright palette that Blakeney and her Jungalow brand is known for, then you’re going to be happy with this selection. Influenced by the Los Angeles sunsets that brought Blakeney “so much peace and joy in the last year,” all of the pieces have a certain sunny quality to them. The textiles in particular really seem to pop, thanks to their cheery detailing, from scalloped hems and tassels to pom-poms and funky, “full-on fringe moments,” as Blakeney calls them. “I think we are all entering a phase where we want our homes to be both functional and fun, and what’s more fun than a fringe-tastic pillow moment?” she says.

Personally, Blakeney can’t get enough of the wallcoverings. “I absolutely love the transformative power of wallpaper, and the peel-and-stick wallpaper available in this collection is just so good!” she says. “We just installed the pink stripey one in our studio, and it’s completely changed not just the look but the feel of the space, too.” Specifically, she appreciated the way the patterns were translated from her original watercolor art. “It’s graphic, but you can feel the strokes and the human hand in it — I think that’s why it’s so magical,” Blakeney says.  

While you’ll find more images of much of the line on Target.com today, pieces won’t start hitting stores until this Sunday, June 13. The collection will also be available for purchase online on June 26 and will refresh several times a year, with the next drop scheduled for fall. Prices start at $10, and most items retail for less than $30, meaning adding a little bit of unique boho style to your home is maybe more affordable than ever.

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