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Though obviously functional, lights can — and should — be stylish, too. Floor and table lamps make great decor pieces, but they can take up a little too much space on your floor, desk, or table. If you live in a small space, fancy ceiling lights are a great alternative. They provide a cool way to draw the eye up and offer a general source of light for the entire room. The downside? You may need to hire an electrician for the install — unless you know about this low-cost, reno-free solution by Andrea Rowland.

In a recent house tour, Rowland showed off her 3,000-square-foot mid-century home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Everyone has something that will stand out about the 2020 pandemic,” she says. “For us, it’s this house.” Rowland and her husband purchased their home sight-unseen within the first few months of lockdown and immediately started renovating.

So far, they’ve replaced all the floors, removed a bathroom, renovated the kitchen, and painted thousands and thousands of square feet of walls and ceilings. In the living room, though, there aren’t any ceiling lights and Rowland didn’t bother to buy any. Instead, she came up with a clever DIY that saved at least a few hundred bucks.

The large bamboo light pendants Rowland used are $30 from IKEA. For the lights, she bought two long lamp light cords that plug right into a socket. Instead of running the cords through the wall, Rowland used hooks to suspend the pendants from the ceiling above the couch.

If your space is low on light, this no-reno DIY is a no-brainer. You can recreate this look in virtually any room of your home, with any size or style pedant — as long the hooks can support it.

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