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Your air plant could probably use a planter shaped like a dumpster. In fact, I’ll be filing this particular item under the category “Dumpster-Shaped Items For a Dumpster-Fire Year(s).” Lockwood, a woman- and LGBTQ+-owned shop based in New York City, has a dumpster chic Dumpster Air Plant Holder for $14.95, and reader, it’s speaking to my dumpster heart. 

Ideal for any office desk, shelf, and/or tabletop, Lockwood’s dumpster planter offering is made from matte white stoneware. The miniature product is about 3 inches in height, meaning it isn’t so domineering in size and could seamlessly blend in with other existing home decor — all while eliciting a good laugh from visiting friends and family who also share an appreciation of eccentric, dumpster-shaped home items. 

For those who would like to forego dumpster-themed decor and items, Lockwood also has an expansive home collection that spans decor, cookware and kitchenware, home entertainment items like puzzles and books, and pantry items. Other whimsical houseplant items include the Girl Power Vase, $44.95, a Llama Planter, $16.95, and a Rainbow Vase, $28.95.

Amid a dumpster-fire year(s), perhaps dumpster-themed home products aren’t the worst design idea. Let’s make dumpster chic decor a thing.

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