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Thanks to many years spent as a beauty editor (and the many mailers from brands that come with the job), I now own what any rational person would consider a truly unreasonable amount of robes.

I have extra fluffy robes, short robes, long robes, cotton robes, terry cloth robes. You name the specifications of any robe at all, and I probably have one or two stuffed in a drawer somewhere. Out of all those robes, though, I used to have two favorites—one long and fluffy robe for fall and winter, and one lightweight robe for spring and summer. It wasn’t until I tried Parachute’s waffle robe, though, that I stopped using other robes altogether. It was the very first robe that convinced me I may be turning into someone who only owns one robe for all seasons.

The Parachute robe is long-sleeved and short, and somehow the material is both lightweight enough to be cool in warmer seasons and cozy enough for chilly weather, too. It comes in white, tan, or gray, so you can pick a color that suits your lounge style.

Its main drawback may be its price. At nearly $120, it’s certainly not cheap, but no quality robe ever is—and trust me, this one is quality. I usually switch out my robes every few months, but I’ve used this one exclusively for the last year. Every day I put it on (and I do wear it pretty much every day, unless it’s in the wash), It feels like a little slice of luxury, and I tell everyone I know to buy it. 

Even if you can’t justify buying a $119 robe for yourself, this is the perfect gift for someone else for exactly the same reason; If someone won’t treat themselves, then go ahead and treat them yourselves as a gift. No matter what your giftee is into, it’s a universal truth that there is nothing that could possibly be a better gift than something someone will use every single day and will last for years and years. So if I can’t convince you to buy one of the Parachute waffle robes for yourself (and please, I beg of you, buy one), then at least go and buy it for your best friend, partner, or parents. It’s so good that I guarantee you the person who receives the gift will rave to you about it so much that they’ll then convince you to get one for yourself, too.

So in a roundabout way, it’s a win-win — someone special in your life gets a luxurious robe they’ll use again and again… and eventually, you get one, too.

Buy: Parachute Waffle Robe, $95 (normally $119)

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