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That’s the question a Reddit user recently asked: What life-changing item can you buy for less than $10? Fellow Redditors were quick to reply with their favorite affordable buys, which ranged from a good French press coffee maker to a head massager to a tongue scraper to a digital meat thermometer. There were also plenty of suggestions for home improvement gadgets that Redditors swear have made their lives easier.

Below, some standouts that are worth adding to your own toolbox.

A Set of Brushes for Your Power Drill

“A set of brushes for a power drill. Changes the way you clean things like sinks and tubs,” writes u/redbearddude. Your cordless drill comes in clutch for hanging shelves — but the good news is that it can be a powerful cleaner, too. All you need is a set of brushes that fit into your drill like a drill bit.

Brushes like these will make quick work of scrubbing tough grime in your bathroom and even kitchen. When you’re done, pop the brushes out, rinse them, and store them away for your next cleaning project.

A bright flashlight is a power outage essential. “Thought I had dozens of them then the power went out from that winter storm and only found one,” u/kajunkennyg says. “Also teach your kids and family to put things where they go. How all of mine vanished from my tool box and even the ones for the kits we put in the vehicles got borrowed and vanished.”

Make sure you have more than one, that they’re easy to find, and that you have fresh batteries for them, as well.

OK, so you already have your flashlights, but what happens when the power goes out and you can’t actually see them? A bit of glow tape like this will help you find not only your flashlight, but also your fuse box, says Reddit user LateralThinkerer. “Sound weird? Maybe, but that means you can find the flashlights you bought, can locate the odd hidden light switch/fuse box in the basement, a fire extinguisher in a hurry, or avoid a half-open door edge while stumbling toward the bathroom in the night.”

It’s also useful for marking steps in low-light areas (think basements and garages) so people can more easily see them.

A Flexible Drill Bit Extension

Here’s the genius solution for anyone who’s struggled with installing screws in tight corners. “Just slap that bad boy on your drill and get to screwing in screws in hard to reach places that your drill or fat hands cant’ get into. I got mine for like $9,” says u/yabaquan643.

Don’t keep using scissors to open packages or tackle heavy-duty plastic or cardboard, per u/renousername‘s advice.

A simple utility knife will get the job done much better, and you can replace the blades when they dull — which means your utility knife will long outlast any pair of scissors you own.

“I’ll never forget the first Reddit comment I’ve saved: Buy a plunger do it now do not wait get a plunger,” writes u/Pentobarbital1.

“Put them on the floor in places you’re most likely to have a leak, such as in basements, around washing machines and dishwashers, behind toilets, under sinks, etc.,” advises u/orgasmic_protoplasm. “If they sense that they’re in a puddle of water they go off like a smoke alarm. I don’t know why these aren’t more common, water leaks are a fucking nightmare to deal with and they often go unnoticed until they’ve done damage to your home.”

Water leaks from dishwashers, washers, hot water tanks, and more can cause massive damage that’s costly to repair. While there are plenty of high-end leak detectors that can automatically shut off water, send alerts to your phone, and more, you can also go very simple with this device.

For $10, you can get a plug-in water leak detector that will sound a loud alarm if it senses excess moisture, which can give you enough warning to shut off the water before too much damage is done.

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