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I recently came across this set of cleaning attachments for a cordless power drill while researching scouring pads, and all I could think about was how it could be possible that I’d lived so long without something as life-changing as this in my cleaning kit. How? All those wasted hours of scrubbing when I could have been living my life to the fullest.

It may seem like overkill to have something as powerful as a drill to simply clean a kitchen, but it’s not — not when it comes to scrubbing grease or dealing with baked-on food. Given the option of pressing a button on a drill or scrubbing my life away, I’m pressing that button!

I ordered two different boxes of drill attachments because they were pretty affordable (about $15 per set) and I wanted options. Here’s what I got.

The sets that are best suited for kitchens (the medium stiffness bristle) come in two colorways, and I wish I would have ordered both colors so that I could designate one hue for appliances, and the other for the floors — but I didn’t so I just make sure to clean them really well after each use.

Here’s how I’ve been using them and what I think of each one.

This brush is wide and covers a lot of surface area, which makes deep-cleaning floors quick and easy work. I use a bottle filled with all-purpose cleaner and spray with one hand while I drill-brush with the other. The drill does tend to shoot water all over the place, so it’s best to work in small areas, wiping up any splatter up with a damp cloth as you go along.

This attachment is my favorite. I love the fact that the bristles are in a cylinder shape and that they can really get into something without you having to worry about scratching whatever you’re cleaning. It’s especially great for getting in all the nooks and crannies and curves around the sink and easily goes down the drain to get those hard-to-reach areas.

I have two of these Original Brushes and I’ve designated the second one for use on areas that get really dirty, like the the inside of my oven (it’s perfect for the corners and getting the racks clean) and for the baseboards in my kitchen!

I use this brush for exactly what it say it’s for: detailing. If you have a really dirty surface you’re cleaning with particles that just don’t want to let go, this brush allows you to concentrate on one small area at a time. It’s the best tool I’ve ever found for cleaning around my gas burners.

I use this on my stovetop after using the 2-inch detail brush. It helps get any remaining food residue off, and also polishes the stove really nicely! Just note: I read that any bristles stiffer than medium can easily scratch surfaces.

Still not convinced? Check out the “before and after” pics of my super-gross stovetop under my favorite burner. (Because adults have favorite burners!) I’d attempted to clean this many times before, but nothing even made a dent in it until the drill brush. I made a paste with water and Bar Keepers Friend and in five minutes it looked like new!

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