This 3D Eye Mask Will Contour to Your Face to Totally Block Out Light Leave a comment

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It’s hard falling asleep, especially when your brain likes to overthink about work, relationships, and the pandemic, as you lie in bed. While a sleep mask can’t fix those problems for you, it can help improve the conditions for a better night’s rest.

“We identified a problem common to all eye masks on the market: they are all flat, so they can never correctly adjust to the three-dimensional features of the face,” wrote Ostrichpillow. “They’re uncomfortable, create light leaks, put pressure on the eyes, and cause poor breathing by pressing the nose.”

Eye Mask solves this by having contoured cups that mold to your face, as well as having a cavity that does not put any weight on your eyelids and nose bridge. In addition, it’s made from six different layers of soft fabrics. 

“Sleep plays a vital role in good health and wellbeing, repairing and replenishing our bodies and mind,” added Ostrichpillow. “Light is a critical part of sleep hygiene, as it stops the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates wake-sleep patterns.”

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