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With temperatures heating up and Memorial Day weekend almost here, you may be thinking about giving your outdoor space a refresh fit for a full summer of lounging en plein air. And there’s plenty of refreshes you can make, whether you’ve got a patio, deck, full yard, or even just the teeniest of balconies. Need some help figuring out where to start? Your inspiration is below. Here, 10 of the best patio redo ideas we’ve ever seen. This list is packed with money-saving tricks, DIYs, and design know-how — so you’re certain to find a bright idea or two to get you started on your next summer-ready project.

1. Use gravel to create a budget-friendly patio.

If you’re looking to save some cash, skip the cement and use gravel for the base of your patio instead. This home’s patio redo proves the results can be seriously stylish — and the savvy homeowners did it for only about $300.

There’s not much use for a patio when it’s baking in the sun. Install a pergola like this one, which you can string twinkly lights from, for a space you can get use out of more days of the year. And for chilly nights, a tabletop fire pit is the perfect addition.

3. Get creative with faux turf.

This large Harlem patio has a cozy seating area on turf that’s super low maintenance — a great option for renters. The cozy seating and art hung from the chic black fence give this space a true indoor-outdoor feel.

4. Make a statement with pretty painted concrete.

This patio’s concrete looks a thousand times better painted, and this whole redo including some new furniture only cost $500. Using a geometric stencil for the paint job gives the once-plain concrete the look of fancy tile. And believe it or not, the chairs are the same as in the before photo, just painted and with new pillows added.

5. Or just paint on a faux rug.

If you don’t feel up for painting a whole patio, try painting just part to give the illusion of a patterned rug like this homeowner did. The project takes a lot less time (and money), and turns even an ordinary dining set or bench into a focal point.

6. DIY a plant privacy wall.

Believe it or not, the plant wall added to this Brooklyn balcony is actually fake. It’s faux greenery in a gardenia leaf style that’s kept in place using zip ties. “I was surprised by how real the greenery trellis looks and it has held up very well,” renter Bev Wilson says of her DIY project. The greenery adds a charming touch to the balcony — and gives some added privacy, too.

A patio sure is an upgrade to the dirt that was previously covering this backyard. Stone-look pavers feel especially luxe when paired with an indoor-outdoor rug and a classic pergola overhead.

8. Tie everything together with a theme.

This patio embraces Mediterranean style, with lots of bright white in the furniture and accessories and plenty of natural accents. The coordinating style helps this patio feel like a true escape — especially with the added string lights and plentiful greenery.

The wood deck added to this yard brings a natural feel that fits in with the rest of the lush yard, and brings out the best in the new navy blue paint on the house’s siding. The result is the perfect shady spot to spend hot summer day.

10. Turn bordering fences and walls into artwork.

Don’t limit your creativity to just your patio. Bordering fences and walls are a great place to add color, and a little bit of paint — just $130 worth in this patio redo — can turn a plain surface into a bonafide work of art.

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