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I don’t know what came over me when we moved into this house 3 1/2 years ago, but
I’ve added wallpaper to almost every room makeover so far! Wallpaper is back
in a big way, but I never really had any desire to use it until we
moved here. 

Maybe I’ve fallen in love with wallpaper because I’ve had an empty slate, or
maybe it’s because once you add it once you just want to keep going. It’s

I’m rounding up all of the ways I’ve used wallpaper so far — from little
accents to entire rooms covered in it! If you’ve ever wondered about the
different designs I’ve used, this will be a good resource. These examples
show the difference it can make in a space!

I’ve used both pasted and peel and stick wallpaper throughout the house. The
pasted wallpaper is supposed to be easier to remove if you ever grow
tired of it. But I don’t put much faith in that. 😉 If you use the pasted
kind (I’ll share how to install it later in the post), I would make sure
it’s one you really love! I wouldn’t do anything too trendy that you may
tire of a few years later. 

kitchen cabinet bookcases in office
dark green DIY built ins office

It’s a beautiful, understated accent that gives the room a little extra
something. You won’t even spend $50 to add this detail!

dark gray westchester bookcases with wood

I wasn’t sure about that one when it arrived — but once it was out of the
package and I held it up to the wall, I fell in love. 

Wallpaper tip #1: Don’t judge it while it’s rolled up! Take it out
and hold it up to the wall. Take a picture of it against the wall, it will
help you visualize the space.  

My first go at peel and stick wallpaper was in
our powder room. It was pretty bland before: 
simple powder room before

Since I was adding the board and batten wall treatment I only had to cover
the top part of the wall, so it was a good beginner project. 

white board and batten bathroom with dark wallpaper

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Wallpaper install tip #2:  If you are installing trim and
wallpaper, I find it easiest to hang the wallpaper first and then the
trim. That way you can slightly cover the edge of the wallpaper with your
trim. Same goes for installing it behind shelves — I always hang the
wallpaper before building the shelves. 

If ever want to remove it, you can use a razor to score the wallpaper along
the trim. 

We have a small little vestibule off our foyer that was calling out for a
little something: 

small hallway off basement stairs

I found the wallpaper I wanted, but because it was the pasted kind, I waited
it out to make SURE I really wanted to move forward. 

pinstripe blue white wallpaper hallway
five panel interior doors

blue and white pinstripe pasted wallpaper

It’s so fresh, clean and classic. 

Wallpaper tip #3:  Avoid stripes. At all costs. 😂 Vertical or
horizontal, it doesn’t matter. (There’s a popular shiplap look that I think
would be a nightmare to install.) These stripes weren’t horrible, but that’s
because I have a decent amount of experience installing wallpaper. But it
was the most difficult one I’ve hung. 

I love dressing up small spaces like powder rooms and hallways! They are the
perfect spot to go a little more dramatic, since they are so small. I did
just that in
this little hallway off our kitchen
small hallway art around thermostat
kamala baker indigo wallpaper
I thought the only place to buy
this blue and white floral wallpaper
was at Anthropologie, and it was seriously expensive! Thankfully I was able
to find it under a different name online for much less. 

This is my favorite wallpaper project to date! I adore this one: 

indigo baker wallpaper small hallway

Wallpaper is a great way to “fill” up walls…it just flows! Our bedroom
walls were pretty basic before I added wallpaper: 

decorating with art around TV
gray grasscloth wallpaper bedroom

Grasscloth is one of my favorites and this version is super inexpensive. 

It doesn’t have the feel of true grasscloth, but it does have some texture to
it. And it looks authentic from just a few feet away: 

gray walls grasscloth wallpaper art around TV

The grasscloth look is more subtle, but sometimes you just want to make a BIG
impact. 😀

That’s just what I wanted to do in
our mud/laundry room. This wall with the drying rack is loooong…it needed something: 
folding table laundry room before
laundry room with floral wallpaper and hanging drying rack

I think I love wallpaper so much because it solves that problem of, “What can
I do with this big empty wall for not much money?” It has become my go-to
solution. 😉 

I actually kind of enjoy
installing it — it’s like a puzzle to me. If you’ve never hung wallpaper I
recommend starting with a small accent wall and using a peel and stick option.
my tips for hanging peel and stick wallpaper here). That version allows you to remove and restart over and over (believe me, I

Have I convinced you to add wallpaper somewhere in your home yet? I grew up
with the old borders in our houses too, but never had to remove them. I know
those bad memories have prevented many of you from trying it. 🙂

I have not removed any of ours yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to let you know
how it goes! 

Direct links to all of the wallpaper I used here: 

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