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Hello my friends! I had such a great response to our cat litter solution a few
weeks ago, I figured I’d round up a few more fun ideas for hiding the litter
while still making kitty feel comfortable. 

These are all DIY ideas, but I share some store bought products that look
great at the end of the post too.

cat litter closet with cat door
hide cat litter in closet with cat door

Our vacuum and some other items are on the right side as well. 

This has worked out SO well for us and the cats seem to love it! It’s been so
easy to keep the mud room clean now too. Cat litter seems to track everywhere
but most of it stays in the closet. 

I know not everyone has a cleaning closet they can use for the litter so I
gathered some other ideas as well. Most of these DIY cat litter solutions
hardly take up any space and look GREAT! Click the link under each photo to
get to the tutorial. 

Danae used a pretty IKEA cabinet to hide the litter and all of the

ikea cabinet DIY to hide cat litter

Love this! When it’s closed you’d have no idea what’s hiding inside. 

Jennifer used a side table to create this adorable cat “cave” for their

DIY cat litter cave
I like that you could personalize this with a fun paint color or fabric. We
did something similar
under our old folding table
in the laundry and the cats did great going through the “curtains.” 

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your convenience. 

Amanda took a thrifted cabinet and turned it into a spot to hide the cat

repurpose cabinet for cat litter

What a gorgeous kitty! Other than the cut out on the side, no one would ever
know this is hiding cat litter.

I saw this idea online and though it was so smart! I love how they used the
small space under the sink to hide the cat litter: 

hiding cat litter under sink

There’s not a ton of room for much down there anyway, so why not make it more

Zoe created a rustic cat litter box that would be a perfect bench for a
mud room: 

DIY bench to hide kitty litter

I like that the lid lifts up so it’s easy to clean. 

Scott transformed this old kitchen island into a beautiful decorative cabinet
that also hides the litter:

hiding cat litter with fabric curtains under table

He shares full plans to make your own! So many of us have a cabinet that could
be changed up pretty easily to accommodate the litter. 

Do you have a dog that you want to keep out of the cat litter? This
option is a great solution because the top entry keeps the dogs out: 

DIY solution to keep dogs out of litter

I like that this looks like a regular cabinet from the front! 

This fun cat condo was made by repurposing two end tables: 

DIY cat litter condo

The cat litter is at the bottom and there’s storage on top. This pretty piece
fits right into the decor!

And finally, one of my favorites — this whole set up is like the penthouse of
cat litter solutions. I love every bit of it!: 

ultimate DIY cat litter cabinet solution

You have to see all of the details, including motion activated exhaust fans!
SO cool. The steps and door are super cute too. 

So many great ideas that marry both form and function. I have found our cats
love having a private spot to do their business — just as we do! 😄 Of
course, if you don’t want to DIY this, there are tons of ready-made options as
well. The planter idea linked below is brilliant! 

Buy these options ready-made: 

Have you found a good solution that hides the cat litter? 

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