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Thank you so much for the kind comments on
my latest makeover! I always appreciate them! I’m back to share my favorite resources for
inexpensive (and cute!) pillow covers. I love sharing where I find
home decor at a great price. 

Pillow covers are one of those things I change out more often than any other
decor item. If you get them for a good price, they’re an easy way to change
up the accent colors in a room. I also like to use different textures and
colors for the seasons. 

Lately I’ve found some sources for throw pillow covers (and inserts) that I love
— and the prices are so good! ALL of the covers I’m sharing today
are under $20, and most are well under that. When you purchase just the
covers (and reuse your inserts) you’ll save a lot. (I’ll share my favorite
fluffy inserts later in the post.)

1. Hobby Lobby 

dark gray basement built ins

I had never paid much attention to the decorative pillow covers at Hobby
Lobby until a few months ago. I happened to check them out while they were
half off (as they are this week), and I couldn’t believe the prices! 

I’ll link to these at the end of this post, but they have a HUGE selection
of covers in tons of different styles. The most expensive one I got was only
$9 and the other two were around $7 each (on sale): 

hobby lobby gray cream pillow covers

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your convenience. 

I was surprised that their selection included such a wide range of styles —
from super traditional to farmhouse to boho/modern. It’s hard to beat those
prices! (Keep in mind they only come in 18×18 size covers.) 

2. Amazon

cream sofa with blue and leather pillows

I liked them so much I ordered more for our basement. 

stripe and leather pillow cover

I loved all of them, especially that color blocked one! But this one looked
the best with what I already had on the sofa. 

They mix and match so well together!: 

mixing leather and stripe pillow covers

Amazon has a ton of throw pillow cover options under $20. These
linen-looking covers
come in a bunch of colors and are great quality: 
linen looking pillow cover

I ordered a pair (only $16 for two!) for another room and the color I got
wasn’t quite right — but I really liked them. 

black and white modern pillow cover

Both of those option are under $16.

pom pom covers
are made of a velvety fabric and come in a TON of colors: 
cream pom pom pillow
That one also comes
with tassels
instead of the pom pom fringe. Only $17 for two pillows!

Thick black stripe tassel pillow

Any of these would look great on a sofa, chair or as accents on a bed.

3. Etsy 

Another GREAT place to shop for inexpensive pillow covers is Etsy. You can
find any style, color or price range. 

These shops make all of their pillow covers from vintage Turkish kilim

blue cream Turkish pillow
kilim rug pillow cover
Turkish cream and black pillow cover

I bought the blue and cream one and can’t wait to get it! I was shocked by the
prices — I’d expect to pay WAY more for these. They have amazing reviews and
a TON of one-of-a-kind pillow covers. (I link to these and a bunch of other
options below.)

Of course there are plenty of affordable covers in more traditional designs as
well. I’d use any of these in our home: 

tan black plaid pillow cover

gray white floral pillow under $20

ticking stripe pillow cover

blue eucalyptus pillow cover

I prefer using covers because if you like to change out throw pillows every few
months like me, it cuts down on the storage space significantly. I just wash
and then fold up the covers and reuse the inserts in the new cases. 

I also like softer inserts than the traditional pillow stuffing. My favorite
inexpensive feather-filled pillow inserts are at IKEA — but they don’t come
in the 18×18 size. I’ve been using
these lightweight down alternative pillow inserts because you can get them in SO many sizes. The prices are hard to

**When you order your inserts, order one size larger than your pillow cover
for a fuller look! 

I’ve linked to all of the covers I shared here (and more) below…

Amazon pillow cover options under $20

Etsy pillows under $20

Hobby Lobby pillow covers in our basement

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