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Whoohoo, the reveal day is here — I’m done with the laundry and mud room makeover! The main goal of these updates was to add more functional
storage, and I definitely accomplished that. 

And even with all of that new storage, this has become the prettiest room in
the house! It is so lovely! Marrying form and function is my
favorite thing. 

This side of the room was where I focused most of my time: 

hiding kitty litter under folding table

We had the countertop to start with, and I added a curtain around the bottom
to hide the kitty litter. 

Problem was, the counter was usually a MESS of stuff that didn’t have a home
or needed to go out to the garage: 

adding pretty storage mud room

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Four drawer base cabinets with uppers
blue base cabinets uppers with shelves in between

I decided early on that I would need to fill in that space above the
cabinets. More on that in a bit! 

These upper cabinets were the ones we moved to the other wall — they didn’t
function well for us in this spot:  

washer and dryer with cabinets above

DIY long shelf built in over washer dryer

It works SO much better for us! I also did this at our old house and we
missed it.

I can’t forget the extra storage in this closet as well! I added those floating shelves in that dead space and moved the kitty litter into
this closet: 

A few have asked where we keep coats and outdoor stuff. The coats go in a coat closet most of the year, and on the bench hooks during the winter. Most of our outdoor gear is in the cubbies above the bench. 

Now for my favorite part — the before and after pics! Here’s the folding
table wall before: 

folding table laundry room with shelves

And this is how it looks now!: 

dark blue base cabinets white uppers
dark blue and white cabinets with brass hardware
mud room folding counter with wallpaper

Blue floral wallpaper mud room cabinets
I filled in that space above the cabinets just like I did in the kitchen at
our last house. It’s really just building a big box and trim to make it look built in. I secure it to the beams in the ceiling as
well so the weight is not directly on the cabinets. 

Here’s a way back photo of how that wall looked after we moved in: 

folding table laundry room

And after all the added storage and pretty touches!: 

DIY shaker front cabinets white uppers
adding pretty storage to laundry room

Do you see my creeper in the doorway? 😂

The washer and dryer on that long wall before: 

cabinets above top loader washer

And how this spot looks now, with the cabinets moved and the long shelf that
creates easy access to our laundry supplies: 

Pretty laundry room storage shelf
Pretty storage for laundry needs

Pretty glass jars for laundry detergent

botanical fantasty peel and stick wallpaper

We’ve had that drying rack for years — I just built a simple wood frame for
it so it pops on the wallpaper background. I’ll link all of the items in this
room at the bottom of the post! 

This is truly the laundry/mud room of my dreams now! I absolutely ADORE this space. Funny thing — having a clean, organized (and yes, pretty) spot
for laundry really does make a difference. I find it much more enjoyable to do
laundry now: 

Laundry room with blue white cabinets for storage

As you can see, Colby followed me around as I took photos. He clearly thinks
this is his room now: 

Wallpaper accent wall laundry mud room

Other than the cat door and crown molding, this part of the room didn’t change

Shiplap gray wall mud room

Whitestone Benjamin Moore paint color

The changes weren’t difficult, but they were a lot of work! If that makes
sense. 😉 I’m super proud of everything I did in here — I don’t think I could
love it more.  

As always, thank you for following along on my DIY journeys! I hope this room
inspires you as well: 

Botanical fantasy blue beige wallpaper
mud room folding counter with wallpaper

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments! 

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