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Hey there! I just have some minor tweaks to make in the laundry/mud room and
I’m DONE! I’m hoping to share it with you next week. 🙂 Whew, this one has
worn me out, but I love it so very much. It’s SO pretty. This
latest addition on the big empty wall has made the whole space!

Long DIY shelf over top loader washer dryer

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I already knew what I wanted to do — when I decided to tackle this room weeks ago I ordered some wallpaper samples to see how they looked in
person. **Just like paint, I recommend seeing wallpaper in your space before ordering. 

When you have a big wall that needs something…wallpaper is a great go-to! It
creates a BIG statement for the money. Of course you can always do an accent
color on the wall, or trim work. But wallpaper really fills the space visually
and you won’t need to do much else!

Blue cream white gray floral peel and stick wallpaper

If you search for this online be sure to include the pattern number PSW1106RL.
Use a wallpaper calculator to figure out how much you’ll need — you’ll want
to make sure your rolls all come from the same batch. 

I’ve shared how to hang peel and stick wallpaper before and it’s not bad at
all! I’ve installed pasted wallpaper and this sticky stuff and they both have pros and
cons. I usually prefer the peel and stick — it just seems to lay better on
the wall and I like that I can rearrange it a few times. 

This stuff is absolutely gorgeous! I love it SO MUCH: 

PSW1106RL Botanical Fantasy Wallpaper in laundry
I’ve found it a bunch of places online so be sure to shop around! Right now
the best prices I’ve found are here and here

After I got it on the wall I added a couple little DIY projects on the wall.
We already had that metal IKEA drying rack, but I wanted to give
it more substance against the wallpaper. 

I used scrap wood to create a horizontal planked back and framed it out
with 1x2s. The rack isn’t sold at IKEA anymore, but I found
this metal laundry wall rack
that seems to be very similar. I love ours — it holds a lot, is strong enough
to hold wet clothes and folds away to take up no space at all. 

I wanted a spot to hang clothes on hangers but didn’t want it to be crazy big — so
I cut a small piece of dowel rod and screwed one of these wood pieces onto the

DIY laundry hook for hangers

I spray painted the whole thing white and then screwed it into the side of our bench

Easy DIY clothes hanger hook laundry room

It’s perfect! 

The only other art hanging on this wall is this laundry sign I reworked a bit: 

Candice PSW1106RL Botanical Fantasy Peel and Stick Wallpaper laundry room

I found the wood sign at Hobby Lobby but wanted it to be a little more
substantial. I grabbed some scrap wood and painted it the dark blue like the base cabinets in this room, then painted some scrap luan in the bright white. I nailed them all together and now that small sign has a lot more

This room is a mix of cream, white, gray and dark blue colors and all of those are in the wallpaper. It goes
perfectly with the accents and colors I already had in here: 

White mud room cubbies with blue floral wallpaper

😍😍 So lovely! Even my boys like the wallpaper in here — my son was
horrified when he first saw the sample, ha! But he admitted that it looked
great once I got it up. 

I love the design, the colors and that it makes such a HUGE impact in here! Whether you love or hate wallpaper, it’s an addition that will set your home apart from others. 

Here are resources for most of the items pictured!

Fabric cubby bins and laundry sign are from Hobby Lobby

See more of
our home here.

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