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If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I’m a HUGE fan of
wood counters, or butcher block as it’s often called. I’ve used them in both
of our houses in a number of rooms over the years. One of the most common
questions I get is where I’ve purchased the wood counters I’ve used around
our home. I’m sharing all of the places you can find them in stock
(today!) at the end of this post.

I may be wrong, but I feel like it used to be much harder to find wood
counters readily available for purchase. Maybe the farmhouse design trend
increased the availability? Could be. Could be I was living under a rock all
those years. 

I know some shy away from using wood counters, especially in a kitchen, but
they can absolutely hold up to just about anything (heat is the only thing
we watch)…and if you treat them well they will hold up great even around a

wood butcher block island countertops

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your convenience. 

Wood counters look great stained or just finished with a protective coat —
either one is fine if you use the right products. **If you plan to use your
wood counters as an actual chopping block, you’ll want to use only food-safe

Of course, butcher block isn’t just for kitchens. Their warmth contrasts so
well against built in bookcases of any color:

white DIY bookcases with wood counters

I would use wood counters in every room if I could! 🙂 

gray and wood family room built ins

I wouldn’t use that option in a kitchen, but everywhere else it’s a great

When I’m working on a project and want the warmth of a wood counter, I want
it RIGHT THEN. Thankfully we now have so many places that carry butcher
block in stock. 

mud room laundry storage cabinets

At first I was going to keep this one on there, but then I realized that
the butcher I had been coveting for YEARS would be absolutely perfect in
this spot. 

I shared a blogger years ago who installed a beautiful
herringbone counter in a bar area and I loved it so much. I decided then that someday I’d use it
in our home. 

It’s the BARKABODA counter from IKEA and it is SO lovely:

walnut BARKABODA ikea counters

IKEA used to carry solid wood counters — I used them in our previous
house. Unfortunately they don’t sell solid wood anymore, but the options
they do carry have a wood veneer that can be sanded and/or treated just
like butcher block (at least a few times).

It can also be cut just like a solid wood counter: 

kreg saw guide for cutting counters
Side note — that
Kreg circular saw guide
is the bomb! It made easy work of cutting this at home. Make sure to cut
from the bottom of your piece if you’re using a circular saw or jigsaw.
Ikea provides end pieces for any exposed cuts, but I didn’t need it since
this side goes against the wall. 

This counter isn’t exactly cheap (less than most solid surface counters
though). This spot was perfect because I only needed six feet, so it
wasn’t going to kill my budget. 

After I got it installed I wasn’t sure it even needed to be treated — it
was so beautiful on it’s own. But I figured it would only enhance the look
and protect it as well.

My go-to for treating wood counters is Tung oil: 

treating butcher block with Tung oil

It gives wood new life and makes it shine (literally): 

herringbone walnut butcher block

Geesh, I love it! I’ve tried other methods for protecting wood counters and
this is the absolute best. My Dad is the one who told me to use it, and we
all know Dads are always right! 😊

Isn’t she lovely? I love the dark walnut and the herringbone design: 

BARKABODA wood counters in laundry

Thankfully there are a BUNCH of places you can find butcher block wood
counters to pick up today if you are working on a project. All of
these links take you to the options available at each location. On some
you’ll need to toggle the option for “in your local store” to see what they have available to buy immediately.

Also — all but the IKEA options are solid wood. Some butcher block is the
more traditional look with different tones throughout, and some are more
uniform and simple — it just depends on the look you want. 

Where to find butcher block you can take home today: 

**Also, search for lumbar yards near you. I’ve purchased from local
companies as well. They usually offer more variety and can also
cut them to the size you’ll need. 

Am I forgetting any places you’ve found butcher block in stock? Have you used
these beauties anywhere in your home? 

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