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Hello from the tundra! We’re supposed to get a ton of snow — maybe up to 13
inches in the next day or so. It sounds like a lot of us are in for some
winter this week, so I thought I would share some beautiful faux spring
florals. We can dream of warmer weather and blooming flowers together!  

I found these delicate white flowers on brown stems at Hobby Lobby and they
instantly brightened up the room and my mood! Just SO pretty:  

tiny white faux flowers brown stems in vase

Of course, I got them for half off! 

I love a full floral display. When you use faux florals, make sure to
take advantage of the wire stems and spread them out as much as

small white flowers in large vase on mantel

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I found similar options along with some additional pretty spring faux
florals to share with you. I don’t usually pull these out for another few
weeks, but I’m glad I pulled them out early this year!

small white blooms on brown stems

Cherry blossoms are also perfect for the spring! I display mine in a hanging

hanging basket with faux cherry blossoms
If you prefer white cherry blossoms,
this one
is beautiful! 

There’s no flower that screams SPRING to me (and makes me happier) more than
peonies. I look forward our big fluffy blooms every May. (You can read
my tips for growing peonies here.)

These faux peonies are more expensive but I hear they are VERY realistic

faux peonies Pottery Barn
foyer table with faux eucalyptus and decor

I display those all year — they work beautifully no matter what the season. 

Feeling the winter blues? Treat yourself to some pretty faux flowers! I
promise they will brighten your day. 🙂  

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