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Goodness, I am overwhelmed with your wonderful response to
the huge bookcase wall
I shared earlier this week! I’m so glad you love it. I’m so proud of how it
turned out!
I love how the
decor on the shelves
came together. As you know, it takes me awhile to get things how I like
them. If you try building your own bookcase unit, think about what you want
to put on the shelves before you build that part. 

These are also better if you have a lot of books you’d like to

I went with taller ones on the basement unit because I wanted a more open
feel. Shorter shelves hold more but can feel busier. Since I had more height
than usual, I needed to use bigger decor throughout:

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your convenience. 

Target leather vase

I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to replicate this on my own! I have a
bunch of glass cylinder candleholders I’ve used over the years. (I’ll share
all the different ways I’ve decorated them at the end of this post!)

They are super inexpensive and are on sale at craft stores all the time.
I’ve gathered most of mine at thrift stores over the years. 

As I started looking into these leather wrapped vases/candleholders, I found
they can be crazy expensive. I’m assuming these are made with real leather,
this set is $75
leather wrapped candleholder
tall leather wrapped vase

You KNOW we can do this for cheaper! 🙂

I got half a yard of faux leather at the craft store for $12 (and another $5
off with a coupon!) — they had a bunch of options, but I liked this simple
brown version: 

faux brown leather

Since I knew I’d see most of the cuts, I marked my measurements and cut
along a level instead of using scissors: 

cutting faux leather with a razor
I can’t cut a straight line to save my life. 😆 A level isn’t necessary —
just use anything that is firm enough to cut against. Using the razor blade
was quick and easy. (By the way, if you do any crafts,
a cutting mat
is an absolute must have!) 

Next up was creating the holes. I marked them at every inch with a marker
and then use a drill bit to make the holes:

drill holes into leather to wrap vases

Be sure to hold down each side of the fabric as you drill, otherwise it will
bunch up as the bit spins. 

For a couple of these I marked my holes on each side at the same spots and
some I staggered: 

easy leather wrapped vases

Play around with your placement — you can make them all the same or change
it up a bit like I did. 

You can use twine or string for this, but I wanted to mimic the look of the
store versions and used some leather cording I had on hand: 

I ran it through and then placed the wrap over the glass so it could be pulled
tight before cutting and knotting the cord. 

If your holes are big enough, you can just feed the leather cording through. I
found it much easier to use a needle — I used a long one that I had from
my tufted upholstered headboard
projects. These needles
have extra large eyes so it would be easy to thread that cord. 

I love it! I haven’t even put anything in ours — I like how they look on
their own: 

faux leather wrapped vases

You can see how I changed up how I threaded the cord — there are so many

They would make beautiful vases! I like them grouped together but one would
stand alone just fine. 

faux leather wrapped candleholders

Mine were just as big as those pictured above and I only spent $7 on the faux
leather. I call that a good knock off! If you were doing this I think you
could make three for $40-$50. Well under if you use coupons or catch a sale!

These glass vases are a decorating staple! 

PIN these for later with this image: 

leather wrapped vase knock off

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