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Hello my friends and happy Christmas week! After this publishing this post all
I have to do is wrap some presents…and then I’m done! Are you
ready for the festivities? 

This Christmas means more than ever…because #2020, of course. I think we can
all agree, even with the good this year (and we’ve had a lot of it) — it’s
been rough. We’re ready to celebrate this season in a big way and then say SEE
YA to this year. 

I haven’t mentioned it here, but a few months ago my sister and I lost our
mother. We had a difficult relationship with our mom for most of our adult
lives…but for most of our childhood she was an incredible mother. She truly
was my hero. 

The loss has made me
hate this year even more, and yet extra thankful for our blessings. My word
for this year…bittersweet. 

I went nuts with the Christmas decor (at least for me), because I wanted to
really celebrate the season. I finally got the house cleaned up and took a ton
of pictures. Bear with me as I share it all with you! 

I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration you can file away for next year!
(You can easily pin any of the photos by hovering over and clicking the blue
“pin it!” button.) If I have sources for items and projects I’ll share those under each


I hope you all have a safe, happy and magical holiday!! I’m so thankful for you all and grateful you return to follow along project after project. 🙂 

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