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Oh my goodness, I’ve had more fun than ever decorating for the holidays this
year! My husband keeps commenting on how festive the house is. (It is every
year, but I’ve had a blast working on some crafty projects this

This one was probably the most fun because it involved GLITTER. The good
kind that sprays where you want it, not the stuff that gets all over the
place and haunts you for months. 😉 Krylon has a fantastic Glitter Blast spray
paint that I loved!

These are all super easy and REALLY inexpensive projects! My first project
was in our mud room. We have
a giant chalkboard
I built soon after we moved in and I wanted to add some fun touches. I
started with this wood sign I picked up at the dollar store: 
let it snow wood cut out
Krylon white spray paint holiday sign
Glitter Blast spray paint

SO FUN. It goes on so easily and dries super fast. 

Look at that glitter!:

Glittery white spray paint

It’s hard to see in photos further away but it glimmers in real life. I’m so
impressed with this product. 

I drew some simple pine trees and snow on our chalkboard and hung the little
sign next to them: 

Snowy chalkboard design with trees

The trees take seconds to draw — the key is turning your chalk on it’s
side. 🙂 

I just love it — even our 13-year-old commented on how cute it was:

Huge chalkboard with Christmas trees

Next was a simple sign for our basement. This was another dollar store cut

Merry and Bright wood cut out

This one got two coats of the Krylon Fusion paint in Gloss Red Pepper: 

Glossy red spray paint Krylon

By the way, those Amazon boxes make for an easy spray paint spot!

When that was dry it got some glitter, this time in their Cherry Bomb

Red glitter spray paint for holiday project

If you’ve used glitter spray paint in the past and not had good luck, you’ll
be pleasantly surprised with these products. They go on like a dream and the
nozzle stays clear use after use. They cover well so you use very

SO pretty!: 

Glitter spray paint in red on wood sign

I used an IKEA Ribba frame (they are the best!) and some birch wrapping
paper as the background:

DIY merry and bright art with wrapping paper

I also sprayed our stocking initials with the glitter spray as well. We all
need a little bling here and there: 

red and white stockings with red initials

My final super simple project started with a wood laurel wreath from the
Target dollar spot: 

Wood laurel wreath

I used the Krylon Fusion All-in-One spray paint in Satin Black (that I used on our
kitchen hardware) for this one. 

After the black paint dried I added a couple quick coats of the Diamond Dust Glitter Blast spray on top. I used a free printable and hung the wreath on top for a simple display:

wood laurel wreath with glitter spray paint

It is SO beautiful on top of the black! The red glitter would be pretty as

Large DIY upholstered bulletin board with antelope fabric

There are SO MANY possibilities with this glitter spray paint! How gorgeous
would that be on plain glass ornaments? (I just gave myself an idea.) If you
have outdated holiday decor that needs sprucing up, this is the perfect

I really love that the glitter stays put — I planned to add a top coat to
these but it’s not needed. It doesn’t have any fall out at all and sprays
so easily. 

So much fun! It has made my heart happy to work on these crafts this season.
It’s been healing in a way, after this crazy year. 🙂 

This post sponsored by Krylon but all opinions are my own. I only work with
companies and products I know, love and would recommend to you. 

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