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Hello there my friends! I recently added some finishing touches to our fall
porch and I’m so in love with it. It’s so colorful and warm and makes me so

I shared what I added to
our fall window boxes
in this post — you have to give planters and window boxes time to fill in.
But when they do…wow!!: 
tips for fall window boxes and planters

As a reminder, here’s how it looked when I planted everything: 

fall planter tips

And here’s how that one looks now, after about a month: 

colorful fall long window box

So lovely! They make me smile when we drive up to the house. The mums grew
in beautifully (I’ll have to start deadheading them soon) and the kale
deepened to a gorgeous purple color. 

DIY large wood fall signs for front porch

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This year I added a small bale of hay to prop one up. I almost got a bigger
one as well, but man those things make a mess! I’m glad I just stuck with

And this year I went back to using corn stalks in the front porch

colorful mums and corn stalks front porch
I used to use them all the time on our
tiny front porch
at our last house and they always made such a difference! 

I went nuts with mums this year…because 2020. 😁 I wanted it to be as
colorful and festive as possible. One of our local nurseries does a $5 mum
sale every year and you just can’t beat that price. I got a ton for the
front and back porches: 

craftsman gray house white trim
If you’re looking for something similar,
check out these outdoor pots
that aren’t crazy expensive. The hardware stores are all out of them at this
point. 🙁 

What a difference from just a couple years ago! Check out how small our
plants were then!: 

modern craftsman front porch

I’m thinking about moving the hydrangeas over a bit because they are getting
so big. 

I got those wood baskets for the mums years ago (pictured above) and they
looked so cute! But after two seasons in the elements they were a mess. This
year I invested in some inexpensive plastic containers for the mums we put
out every year: 

Fall front porch with mums and corn stalks

I find mums do SO much better when they are actually planted instead of just
in the plastic pot they come in. Otherwise they dry out so fast for me. It
only took a few minutes to plop them into the pots and they look great!

I’m so thrilled with how colorful and festive it all is! I love our porch so

decorating front porch for fall
night view fall front porch

lanterns front porch fall decorating

Everything looks so beautiful and I’m reminded again how much we love our
home! I just love this time of year. Even the hydrangeas look so pretty as
they dry: 

gray craftsman home white trim columns stone

Now we need to get the Halloween stuff out this weekend!

Do you do much to your front porch for fall! Even if it’s small you can do
small things that make a big difference! 

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