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Hello my friends! I’m back to share a project involving one of my very
favorite DIY “tools” ever — spray paint! I’ve blabbed on and on about my
love of spray paint for years now. It’s one of the easiest and least
expensive ways to completely transform an item (or room!). 

I was thrilled when
asked me to work with them this year. I’ve used their paints on tons of
projects over the years and was excited to try out some new-to-me versions
as well. I have some fun and helpful projects planned over the next few

This first one is in the kitchen and I’m SO excited about this

When I was picking out the finishes for this house, I went much “softer”
than I had done in the past. The floors were originally much lighter (that
flooring became unavailable so we had to go with something different), and I
went lighter with the cabinets, paint, hardware…almost everything. 

It felt right at the time, as we were starting fresh. But I quickly
discovered that I am a contrast lover through and through. Almost
immediately I was craving it. I started
painting walls super dark,
hung dark wallpaper
and changed out some lighting for bigger and bolder options. 

For a couple years now I’ve been eyeing our kitchen hardware: 

White kitchen brass hardware
Shelves with black brackets kitchen

I picked a lovely brass handle that looks GREAT. I love the handles and
the color is gorgeous!

But they haven’t felt substantial enough for me for awhile. It was
something I noticed every time I walked in the kitchen. Last spring I
decided to buy a set of black handles just to see if I liked them: 

black or brass hardware kitchen

We loved them! But it would have been hundreds of dollars to replace them.
And ours are really nice, I just wanted to change the color. 

Spray paint to the rescue!! I’ve spray painted hardware in the past and it’s
a really easy DIY project. Spray paint is a GREAT way to ease into
do-it-yourself projects. For this one I used the
Krylon Fusion All-in-one spray paint
Krylon spray paint no priming

I wanted a slightly more modern feel so I went with the satin black. It’s
more of a matte finish but not dull at all. 

Spraying hardware can be tricky because you need to get all the angles.
Sometimes it’s difficult to access it all.
My friend Lindsay
shared this brilliant tip on Instagram: 

Easy way to spray paint hardware

I grabbed a couple floral foam blocks and some wood sticks from the craft
section. Stick them in and then set your hardware on top. This allows you to
spray from any direction! The spray nozzle on the Krylon Fusion can made it so
easy as well — I held it upside down, sideways, whatever! It made really
quick work of this project. 

Here are the basics of spray painting broken down!

Step one:  Prep your hardware well. 

I worked in shifts — I would remove four handles at a time. I left the screws
in the cabinets so there was no worry about misplacing them. 

I used a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the hardware well. There’s no need to
use cleaners unless you have grease build up or something stuck. Dry them well
and then let sit for a bit to ensure they are completely dry. 

Step two:  Start spraying! (But not too much.)

First up, shake your spray can well (and continue to do so in between

My biggest tip when it comes to spraying an item is to use a very light hand.
Try not to hold down the nozzle and go to town. For items that you want a
“factory” finish on, lighter coats and more of them are best. 

You can see that even after two coats my hardware wasn’t covered: 

Hack for spraying cabinet pulls

I did three to four coats each, which may sound like a lot — but you only
have to wait about a minute in between coats. That’s another reason for
spraying lightly…it will dry much quicker!

If you spray too heavily or too thick you’ll get drips, or it will get gummy
and take forever to dry. If you add more coats on top of that it’s a recipe
for a mess. 

I also recommend starting to spray just before the item and then continuing
off to the side. I learned this super helpful trick when I used a sprayer to
paint our old kitchen cabinets. This helps control your spray and keeps the
coats super even. 

This spray went on like butter! Zero drips, zero splatter…perfection! You
can see here how my set up worked:  

Easy way to paint cabinet handles

The gardening tool was just used to weigh down the foam a bit. 🙂

This contraption made painting these SO much easier! What a great idea!

Step three:  Let them cure!

After the last coat I made sure to give them a good 20 minutes to dry before
handling them at all. Then I moved to another spot to dry for longer. I used
a cardboard box in the sun on nice days with no humidity: 

how to spray paint kitchen hardware

Check out that beautiful finish! 😍

I did this over a few days so some days were warmer/more humid. On those I
brought them inside and placed them over an air vent to dry.

After they sat for a couple hours I was able to reinstall them, but at first
I didn’t tighten them against the cabinets: 

Tips for spray painting hardware

We didn’t use the handles and 24 hours later I fully tightened them. 

For the next few weeks we will use a light touch, but they are completely
useable! You just want to avoid knocking anything into them while they cure,
or completely dry. 

When you take your time spray painting you’ll get a factory finish on your
“new” hardware!: 

Spraying cabinet hardware black

You can use a primer before painting as well, but this Krylon Fusion
All-in-one paint is just that, all in one! No sanding or priming is
required, which is a huge time saver! In my experience, cleaning the item
well and then letting it fully cure is most important. 

The black hardware makes such a big difference in here!:

how to spray paint cabinet hardware

White kitchen black accents

We LOVE it!! Start to finish this took a few days, but by far the majority
of that time was letting the hardware dry. I also did it in shifts because I
only had four spots in my spray paint “station.” 

Both versions of the hardware are equally pretty — but I was craving more
distinction. This was such an easy and cheap transformation. Spray paint can
make such a difference!: 

White kitchen gray island black brass accents

I really wanted to tie in our lights and island stools: 

black and brass accents in kitchen

I’m still a huge brass fan and think I always will be. We still have
plenty of brass accents in here that I love. (In fact, I’ve left the island
hardware brass for a two toned look. I may spray those eventually but love
it for now.) The darker cabinet hardware makes a bigger statement. 

Here are the basics of spray painting if you want to give it a try!:

  1. Clean and dry item well (any moisture will cause crackling or uneven
  2. Use light, quick strokes instead of heavy, long ones. The finish will
    look so much better!
  3. Let the item dry well before handling and then cure for plenty of time
    before using or setting items on top. 

I did this transformation with less than one can of the Krylon Fusion
spray paint! That’s 40 handles and I still have a ton of paint left
in the can. You just can’t beat it: 

Gray island black chairs butcher block

Have you ever spray painted something in your home? Have you had good luck
with it? If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments!

If you’re interested in anything pictured you can find most of the items (or
similar) here!: 

This post sponsored by Krylon but all opinions are my own. I only work with
companies and products I know, love and would recommend to you. 

Pin this project for later!: 

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