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I’ve been having fun with the small hallways we have in this house. Our home
is very open but has a few of these little spots that I want to make
special. I feel the same about smaller spaces like powder and laundry rooms
— they are the perfect spot to do something dramatic and fun! 

floral blue white wallpaper hallway

You can read all about that at the link above. I LOVE that wallpaper and am
so happy with how that space came together. 

I shared another “hall” last week that’s next on my list: 

small foyer makeover

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It’s an area off our foyer that transitions to the basement stairs and
bathroom. Our foyer is a calm and pretty spot and I want to continue that
feel into this area.  

picture light without electricity

And the next step was to add another lighting hack to dress up the space a

I’ve shared this easy adapter before when I worked on the hallway pictured
above. Did you know you can easily change up a recessed can light to hang a
pendant light? You just need
this light converter
recessed light pendant converter

You just unscrew the existing light bulb, then screw in this instead. You can
adjust the length of the cord to whatever you want. 

Then you use this white part at the bottom to attach your new pendant cover:

Converting recessed light to pendant

This works for a pendant light fixture (like a glass cover or shade), but you
can also adapt a recessed light for a regular hanging fixture
using this converter

Recessed light converter to chandelier

If you want a heavier or bigger light fixture that’s what you’ll want to

I’ve always loved the look of basket pendant lights and found this one at

basket light pendant IKEA

But when I got it up, it just didn’t work. This space is small, but it still
needed something more substantial. I think going small in a small space only
emphasizes the smallness. Got that? 😉 

This is the second time I’ve tried a basket light and I’m realizing it’s just
not my thing. I tried though! So instead, I went to the basement for the lamp
shade I have from IKEA. 

It used to hang in that wallpapered hallway I shared above, but I hung the
white version there instead. (Both are from IKEA.) I’ve always loved the color
on this one and the cut outs are so pretty! It worked SO much better!: 

Ikea lamp shade light cover
large lamp shade pendant over tub

I love the detailed cut outs — they’re slightly different for each

I also really like the gold lining — it’s a beautiful detail, especially when
the light is on:

large lamp shade pendant

You may notice I also painted the ceiling in this small area. It’s a light
blue called North Star, at 50 percent: 

perfect blue ceiling color

If you love a paint color but would prefer it a little lighter or darker, they
can adjust that for you at the paint store. 

This is the same color I used on the foyer ceiling right next to this

Foyer board and batten Everett table

The light shade is a really pretty grayish green color that works perfectly
with the art in the hallway: 

change recessed light to pendant

The next step for this little makeover is the biggest one! I hope to share
that one with you soon! 

These converters are an easy way to add a little flair to a space with a
recessed light. No electrical experience needed. 🙂 

add lamp shade to ceiling fan

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