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This week hasn’t been quite as productive as I had hoped, but the good news is that I’m actually starting to feel excited about house-related stuff again!

I had my consultation for my tooth (I have to get a dental implant, in case you missed that) on Tuesday. I so appreciate all of your comments sharing your own experiences! I’ve never had this done before, so I was expecting it to be similar to having my wisdom teeth out. But by the time I had my appointment, I had already read many of your comments telling me that this will be much easier than having wisdom teeth out, so I was feeling pretty calm by the time I arrived for my appointment. I go back for the actual procedure on December 22nd, and I’m not feeling the least bit anxious about it anymore. So thank you! Reading about your experiences really helped me know what to expect, and to feel pretty calm about the whole thing.

Anyway, Wednesdays are Lunch On The Patio with my mom, brother, and sister. We’ve been doing this every Wednesday for about a year-and-a-half. Everyone brings their own steaks, I grill them, and then we eat on my mom’s awesome covered patio. All of that to day that Wednesdays are never productive days for me, so I didn’t get a single thing done in the house.

But yesterday, I finally got started. I was hoping that I’d miraculously wake up yesterday morning just chomping at the bit to get started. Yeah…that didn’t happen. 😀 I dragged my feet all morning, finding convenient ways to waste my time. Then Matt and I had some lunch, and then I found a few more things to occupy my time.

Finally around 3:30, Matt said, “Okay, I know that you wanted to get started on the house today. Is there something I can do to motivate you? What if you just get up RIGHT NOW, set your timer for one hour, and see how much you can get done in that time?”

That’s exactly what I did. I got up, set my timer on my phone for one hour, put my earbuds in my ears, turned on a podcast, and got busy.

And do you know what happened? When my timer went off after one hour, I actually kept working! I was enjoying it! I just have such a hard time getting started sometimes, especially when my house is as out-of-control as it is right now. But once I get started, and I start to see progress, I enjoy it! And seeing the progress makes me want to continue.

So I’m actually looking forward to continuing today. But today, instead of listening to a podcast, I’m going to listen to the audio book that had such an impact on me at the beginning of this year — Decluttering At The Speed Of Life, by Dana K. White.

decluttering at the speed of life

If you’re having trouble getting your house in order, I highly recommend this book. I got the audio version, and then listened to it as I cleaned and organized. The more I listened, the more excited I got about the cleaning and organizing I was doing.

But I learned that it’s kind of like therapy. It’s not a one-and-done kind of thing, especially if you’re like me and have spent four-and-a-half decades developing very bad clutterbug habits. Just like a person may have to go to a therapist many times before experiencing a breakthrough, I have a feeling that I’ll need to listen to this audio book several times — maybe twice a year for the foreseeable future — in order to keep up the motivation and really develop some lasting habits.

Do y’all remember how excited I was about the purging and organizing at the beginning of this year, though? I mean, I was getting rid of a ton of furniture and clutter, hauling out bags and bags of stuff, and doing some quick and easy organizing projects, like organizing a few drawers in my kitchen

And then doing a little organizing in the hallway bathroom

But the bathroom organizing was the last organizing that I did. That’s when I started working on my mom’s kitchen, and then when I finished that project, I never back with the purging and organizing.

So even after I get my house clean again, I still have quite a bit of purging to do, and even more organizing projects that I want to get done. I’m looking forward to making a whole lot more progress on this front in 2021! But for today, I need to put my earbuds in, fire up the Audible app with Decluttering At The Speed Of Life, and continue with the cleaning. I’m determined to start 2021 off on the right foot!

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