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Hello there! I’ve been busy working on some projects that I can’t wait to show
you! And the Christmas stuff will be coming out soon. I don’t even want to
hear how early it is — let me have my joy this year! ūüėȬ†

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about cookware before. But here I am. Ha! I
couldn’t resist sharing this with you because I am SO impressed with it

it’s just crazy pretty. Yes, pretty pots and pans. I love when form and
function meet! 

A YouTuber I follow recently shared these pretty pans and I immediately went
to find them online. They were SO lovely — there are a few color options but
she picked the black and brass option: 

Black and brass cookware

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They’re the
Thyme and Table brand
through Walmart — I hadn’t heard of them before so even though I was all
googly eyed about the looks, I went through the ratings first. It had nearly
five stars so I hit the purchase button and waited patiently for my set to

I was even more impressed when I opened them up! They are truly beautiful. So
weird to say that about cookware!:

thyme and table black cookware

I’ve been looking to replace our pots and pans for years, but didn’t want to
spend a ton of money. We’ve had ours for so long I can’t even remember when
we purchased them. 

I knew as soon as I saw this set that it was the one! I mean…look at

They also come in a pretty navy blue and brass, stainless and blue and
there’s also a rainbow set that’s really pretty.

But I was taken with the classic look of the black and brass. I love the
speckled gold inside: 

Walmart black cookware

The set also comes with four protector pads: 

Thyme and table cookware protectors
I was so pleased with the set I ended up purchasing the
five quart sauté pan
as well. (The set comes with the 3.5 quart size):
pretty black and brass pots and pans

Aren’t they lovely? They make me happy and I get a little giddy when I pull
one out to cook. Hey…if it helps make cooking more fun, go for it,

By the way, I know I keep talking about the looks, but they perform really
well too. I’ve used a few of the pans and they cook evenly, nothing sticks
(so far) and they are crazy easy to clean. I love them:

Walmart pretty cookware

I usually use the protectors only between pans, but this time I placed them
underneath as well. Hopefully this will keep them from rubbing against each

I’ll let you know how these hold up over time! I got two saut√© pans with
lids, two skillets, two sauce pans with lids and a dutch oven with lid for
under $130. The big set was under $100. 

I feel like an adult now — it’s the first time in 45 years I’ve had a
matching set! These would make a GREAT gift this holiday season. Have you
seen this beautiful cookware? I’m not sure if they sell them in the stores
or not. 

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