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My trim for the guest bedroom bedding finally arrived, so I was able to finish up the quilt and two pillow shams yesterday. I still have three more pillows that I need to sew, so the bedding isn’t quite finished yet. I’ll show you the options for the other pillows later in this post, but here’s what I actually have finished so far…

guest bedroom bedding - 18

I ordered this quilt set from Overstock in a king size to use for the actual quilt, and then I bought a twin size to use to make matching pillow shams.

I ordered a king size, even though the bed is a queen size, because I wanted to be able to customize it to the precise size I wanted. So naturally, the king size was way too big…

guest bedroom bedding - 1

Before I did any cutting and resizing, I washed it, which made the fabric so incredibly soft. I’m very happy with this quilt. It’s not too heavy, not too lightweight, and super soft. I also like the very simple stitching.

guest bedroom bedding - 2

So after washing it and then spreading it out on the bed…

guest bedroom bedding - 3

I determined exactly how much I wanted it to hang down on each side, and then started cutting.

guest bedroom bedding - 4

Here’s how it looked once I had it cut down to size.

guest bedroom bedding - 5
guest bedroom bedding - 6

And then I sewed on the extra wide quilt binding in yellow.

guest bedroom bedding - 7

I didn’t take pictures for a tutorial on how to sew bias tape quilt binding because there are some excellent tutorial on YouTube already. This one is my favorite.

For the pillows, I purchased 27-inch pillow inserts from JoAnn Fabrics. So I cut the front piece of quilted fabric for the front to 28.5 inches, and then cut two pieces for the back to make an envelope style pillow cover. I made one bigger than the other, and hemmed one edge on each piece.

guest bedroom bedding - 8

I placed the front piece right side down on my work table…

guest bedroom bedding - 9

And then placed the smaller back piece right side up on the front piece…

guest bedroom bedding - 10

And then placed the larger piece on the front piece so that it was overlapping the smaller piece a couple of inches. I pinned all the layers together.

guest bedroom bedding - 11

Then I flipped it over and trimmed the excess off of the larger back piece.

guest bedroom bedding - 12

With all the layers pinned together and trimmed, I sewed the edges together using a zigzag stitch.

guest bedroom bedding - 13

And here’s how the back looked once it was all sewed together.

guest bedroom bedding - 14

And here’s the front view with the pillow insert inside the pillow cover…

guest bedroom bedding - 15

And then I used that same method to add the bias tape quilt binding along the edges.

The pillow inserts I bought have little zippers in them so that you can add more stuffing if you want. Well, I like my pillows on the plump side, so I removed all of the polyfil stuffing, added one standard pillow’s worth of down/feather fill, and then added all of the polyfil stuffing back into the pillow insert. Yeah, they’re very plump. 😀 And feathers I used came from Target’s $15 feather pillows, which are my go-to pillows when I want to make non-standard size pillow forms with down/feather fill.

guest bedroom bedding - 16

Anyway, I haven’t had much experience in the past with sewing on quilt binding, so I was pretty pleased with how this turned it. It’s not perfect, but I did wash it after I sewed it on, and it looked just fine after washing and drying.

guest bedroom bedding - 17

So that’s the part of the bedding that I have finish…

guest bedroom bedding - 18

Now I need to decide on the other pillows. This is my preferred pillow arrangement — two square pillows, two standard pillows, and one small accent pillow.

guest bedroom bedding - 20

As I mentioned in my last post, things are just hard to find right now (as many of you have also noticed). So the pretty wide selection of fabrics that used to be available locally have dwindled quite a bit. And I didn’t want to order a bunch of samples online because this blue is kind of strange, and only about 1 in 5 dark blue fabric seem to work. So ordering fabric samples online and narrowing that down would take forever.

So I’m going to use one of the two blue fabrics that I found locally, along with the front pillow that incorporates the drapery velvet in some way. I hope to come up with something a little more interesting than a solid yellow velvet pillow, but for now, I just draped some of that fabric over the pillow so you can see that fabric on the bed.

The first blue fabric I found is this blue strie fabric. I didn’t want to cut the fabric until I decide if I want to use it or not, so here’s the one big piece of fabric wrapped around both pillows…

guest bedroom bedding - 21

Here’s a closer view of it…

guest bedroom bedding - 22

And here’s the second fabric. I actually found this in the remnant bin, and there were two pieces, so I snatched up both of them. This one has a diamond pattern on it.

guest bedroom bedding - 23

And here’s a close up of this one…

guest bedroom bedding - 24

So I’m having a hard time deciding between the strie or the diamonds. I go back and forth on it. One minute, I’ll love the strie. The next minute, I’ll love the diamonds more. So you can let me know what you think.

And if you have any brilliant ideas of how I can incorporate the yellow velvet into that front pillow without it being one solid blob of yellow, I’m all ears!

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