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Hello my friends! I found an adorable baking pan a few weeks ago and
it immediately went into my online cart. I thought it would be SO cute for
holiday baking. 

If you’ve ever tried traditional gingerbread villages and ended up with a
crumbled mess…this method is for you! This baking pan is SO stinking cute
and the little village turned out better than any other we’ve tried. 

This is the pan I found:

Nordic Christmas village pan

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I planned to hold off a bit before trying it, but when it arrived I was too
excited to see how they would turn out. I read the instructions that came
with the pan and it said to use a non stick spray with flour in it…this is

I found this
flour baking spray
at the grocery store and used a box cake mix to make the village: 
Christmas village baking pan

I sprayed inside the houses generously and then filled about 3/4 full: 

Nordic Christmas village pan

Well, a little more than 3/4, but it’s a bit difficult to determine that
with these because of the shape. 

I did have some overflow, but that’s an easy fix! I let them cool for about
15 minutes before cutting off the bottoms: 

Easy cake gingerbread houses

We immediately ate that part. 😉 

I took a cookie rack and placed it on top and then flipped it
over…sweating while I did it because I was so nervous they would

No fear — they came out perfectly! Ugh…so cute!! I sifted some
powdered sugar on top for a snowy look: 

Chocolate Christmas village

If you’re fancy you could pipe some detail with frosting. I am not fancy.

I grabbed a pedestal and sprinkled some powdered sugar around that before
placing them on. I mean…come on! How cute is this?:

Easy way to bake gingerbread houses

They would be so cute sitting out at a Christmas party…but people may not
eat them because they look so good: 

Easiest gingerbread village

I grabbed a cloche and tucked it all under there so we can keep them for a
few days: 

Cake gingerbread village under cloche

So simple! I made the cake mix as directed and the village was baked to
perfection at 25 minutes. I had plenty left over that I used for a small
round cake as well. 

As I was making these I wondered if the pan would work for a more permanent
Christmas village — maybe with cement or polymer clay of some kind? (Of
course I wouldn’t use it for baking after that.) I may have to try it with
another pan sometime. 

What a fun Christmas addition! I had to share it with you. 🙂 

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