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I hope you had a relaxing weekend and stuffed your bellies! I got a ton done
around here, including finishing up a really cute yarn Christmas craft. I
couldn’t wait to show you because I just think these are the cutest. 

I wanted some new holiday decor for our basement but didn’t want to spend a
ton of money — I came up with this idea and they turned out better than I
imagined. I was going to use basic yarn on Styrofoam cones, but wanted a
fluffier look. 

Enter this finger knit yarn I’ve had forever — for the blanket I still
haven’t made yet, ha!: 

cream finger knit yarn

It is SO so soft and fluffy and I had an idea — I wondered how it would work
wound around the cones instead of regular yarn. Well, I’ll tell you…it
worked ADORABLE. 😁

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I started with basic craft foam forms: 

Styrofoam cones for Christmas

And used my hot glue to attach the yard at the base first: 

Adding fluffy yarn to foam cones

I started about an inch from the bottom because this yarn drapes so

I went up about 3/4 to an inch each pass around the cone: 

Hot glue yarn to foam cones

Just do a bead of hot glue and then lightly press the top portion of the yarn
along the glue. 

I just kept wrapping…this was a great mindless craft to do while watching
TV. They go together fast: 

Fluffy yarn on foam cone

That’s it! I did three different sizes — one was about six inches, one was
11 inches and the final was about 17 inches but I cut those two down a bit:

Fluffy finger knit yarn trees

It’s like a snowy, fluffy forest! 🙂 I think they are the cutest. You
don’t even have to do anything to cover the white foam — it disappears
behind the yarn: 

White fluffy yarn trees

I giggled every time I finished one. They are adorable and SO easy and
inexpensive! The foam products are often on sale, or you can use a coupon at
one of the craft stores.

I added some of the
fairy lights I showed you here
for a bit of twinkle: 

Fluffy yarn trees with fairy lights

You can also have them glow from “inside” by running those tiny lights
under the yarn around the tree: 

Fairy lights inside foam yarn trees

And if you want a pop of color you could stick in red beads here and there
in the yarn to look like berries.

I wanted something simple but fun on this table in our basement and these
were perfect. I went super cozy and a bit rustic down there so they fit
right in!: 

Rustic table with fluffy craft trees
I love our “snowy” fluffy trees. I bet these would be really cute in a green
yarn as well for a mixed white and green forest. I used the Bernat brand
finger knit yarn (here are all the colors they offer!) but the cream seems hard to find right now. This
one looks identical, you just don’t get as much. 

You can pin this craft for later using this image: 

Fluffy yarn Christmas trees in cream
wood Christmas gift with ribbon craft

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