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I’ve started to pull out some Christmas decor and it’s been fun to get it all
out! I want to enjoy the twinkling lights even longer this year, and I’m
looking to a much slower pace this December than usual. It will be so nice to
have it all done in the next week or so!

I decorated our mantel a couple days ago and thought I would share how I get a
fluffy and full mantel without spending a ton. 

I’ve seen so many gorgeous fluffy greenery and garlands shared
online recently…but some are one to $200 EACH! I don’t mind putting some
money into items like this that I know I’ll use year after year — but that’s
way too much for me, especially knowing I’d want more than one. 

Instead, I shop the half off sales at craft stores this time of year. They’ve
never failed me! I use a few different kinds to give the mantel the fullness
and variety I want. (I’ll share some pretty and inexpensive garland options at
the end of this post!) 

My first addition is this long needle pine garland and I’m pretty sure I found
this at Hobby Lobby. They always have a great selection and it’s on sale all

How to decorate mantel for Christmas

I like that it has the berries on it already! 

I use two because our mantel is so long. Because of that I lay them in
different directions so they spill off the sides like so: 

berries and garland on mantel

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your convenience. 

Most of these are made with wire, so you can pull them in the direction you
want. I like to fluff them up to give the greenery a little height: 

Fluffing up garland

Next I layered on another one, this time with pinecones: 

real looking garland for Christmas

I had to laugh because I’ve never taken off the tags…they disappear when
it’s all done. That one went right in the middle to build up the

I’ve used eucalyptus in my Christmas decor for years now and it’s such a
lovely addition. It adds another layer that looks great!: 

There’s really no rhyme or reason — just stick it in and fluff! I like
symmetry so I’ll usually add one at one end and do the same at the same spot
on the other side: 

decorating Christmas mantel with greenery

Then it’s time to fluff it up even more with more greenery picks — I like
the white “snow” on these because it breaks up all that green:  

greenery with faux snow

It seems like a lot, but these are so cheap this time of year! Even better
— grab them after Christmas! A ton of my greenery and holiday decor
is from those after holiday sales. 

My last additions are inexpensive berries and pine cones placed here and

decorating with pine cones berries

The cones and berries add texture and color that finishes it off
beautifully! (I also stick those berries in our trees.) 

I build it up in the middle and taper things off to the sides just a bit.
The end result always makes me so happy!: 

Fluffy layered Christmas greenery
Since we don’t have an outlet over the mantel (one thing I forgot when we
built!), I use the
battery operated fairy lights
I shared with you last week. The batteries last a long time because
they’re LED: 
Layered greenery on mantel

Last year I added some red beaded garland that I may still put up. I usually
add some candlesticks as well, but I’m liking this slightly simpler look
this season: 

Fluffy layered garland on mantel

I mean, as simple as six layers of garland can be. Ha! 

The mantel is one of my favorite things to decorate every Christmas: 

Red white hearth and hand stocking mantel

It really is easy too — just lay it on there and start sticking in the
extras. Fluff it up and tuck in some lights! It took me maybe 30 minutes
to set this up. 

This gives me the look of the fluffier garlands from Crate and Barrel or
Pottery Barn that run $100 a piece!  Plus I just love adding the
layers and textures for more interest: 

white fireplace gray tile surround Christmas

I gathered a bunch of similar garlands and berries for you as well! I hope
this will help you build the fluffy Christmas mantel of your dreams!

You can click on the photos below to get to them as well: 

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