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Hello my friends! I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday week
planned. We were supposed to be in Disney World this week but had to cancel
our trip…we are so sad not to be there. I’m looking at the bright side — at
least we are able to relax this week and I will get all of the Christmas decor
finished earlier than usual. 

I have a tradition of sharing some of my favorite things on this week in
preparation for holiday shopping — which looks a little different this year
for some! It’s the same old for me because I haven’t gone OUT to shop on Black
Friday in…well, ever? 😉 

I have some of my “old school” blog friends joining in with me and you can see
their lists by visiting their blogs (at the end of this post). We’ve all been
blogging forever and have known each other for more than a decade!

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. 

Here we go — this is a round up of home, kitchen and personal items that I
absolutely LOVE and use all the time! Some you’ve seen before here but most
are new. 

LED garage light
is a game changer! I’ve used two of these in our garage so far and want one
more. I want it as BRIGHT AS THE SUN in there: 
bright LED garage lights

Seriously, they give off SO much more light and probably use less electricity
than a regular bulb. It’s also more of a daylight effect. They are
so helpful in there when I’m working on a project. (I’m thinking of
adding one to our basement storage room too.) You just screw them in light a
light bulb! 

I found this lighter at a friend’s shop a few weeks ago and it is awesome! We
get so frustrated when lighting candles with the regular click lighters. They
seem to run out of butane so fast and I’m always searching for another

electric lighter with candle

I giggle every time I use it — it’s just so cool. (There’s a safety by the
way, it has to be switched on.) We used it for a week before it needed
recharged and that took maybe 15 minutes. It turns on every time and
lights the wick super fast. I LOVE this thing!!

faux leather pillow covers on sofa

I’m very pleased with the quality — they are super soft and have already
held up great to animal claws. And they just look great! You get two in the
package…love them!

I’m getting old…my feet hurt all the time! Ha! I splurged on
this foot massager
because it had such high reviews and it. is. awesome!!: 
Belmint foot massager

It’s really powerful and you can turn up the pressure to your liking. I love
the setting where it squeezes my  feet. 🙂 It even has a remote so you
can control heat and the settings. My husband has basically stolen this from
me already and uses it more than I do! 

Loloi family room rug
(you can see a peek of it above) is another favorite — I talk it all the
time because it’s just that good: 

Loloi Layla olive green rug

I talk more about it here (with more photos). It is super affordable and looks
fantastic! I love that it incorporates so many colors but also stays

fast drying top coat nail polish

The top coat is especially awesome — I use it right after painting my nails
and they dry incredibly fast. I ca  do normal stuff around the house
within five to ten minutes no problem. I highly recommend if you like to paint
your nails often!

Nordic village cake pan
A few years ago I shared some window candles we love, but over the years
they’ve pooped out. About a third of them just won’t light up anymore. I took
a chance on these
LED flickering candles
and LOVE them!!: 
best window candles for holidays

They have a beautiful “flicker” option that looks like real candles and they
run on a timer, so once they’re set up you don’t have to touch them again. I
love that they come with suction cups so we don’t have them sitting on the
windowsills (the old ones would fall when we’d raise and lower the

These are a bit spendy but seem like much better quality than the other ones
we had (and those were more!). They are so beautiful in our windows during the
holidays! (I keep them up well into winter as well — they use so little power
the batteries last forever.)

pretty black and gold cookware Walmart

And it’s just so…PRETTY. I feel so fancy having matching cookware!

I’m a mascara snob — I used to pay a pretty penny for stuff I liked. I was
over paying that much though, so started researching to find other brands
people love. I found
this Essence brand
and you can’t beat the price: 
inexpensive essence mascara

It comes in waterproof as well. Only $5!! It covers so well and the applicator
gets every single little lash so they look incredibly long and full. It’s good

This next one is a biggie but I can’t say enough about these sofas: 

large gray fireplace with cabinets built in

Radley sofa with chaise
They are the
Radley sofas/sectionals
from Macy’s (27 percent off right now!) and I’m so impressed with how they
hold up. We sold this one (at our old house) to the new owners and it still
looks so good! (They are friends of ours and we see them often.) Food
and drink wipes right off, the fabric doesn’t get worn and the cushions don’t
get squished easily. 

We got super inexpensive sofas when we moved into our new house and they have
worn horribly. 😔 I’m so disappointed. We’ve been watching to see when the
Radley goes on sale and ended up ordering two of them a couple weeks ago. I
cannot WAIT to get them!! 

reusable grocery bags

If you’re an Aldi Nerd they are a must! 🙂 But I use them everywhere. If I
forget to bring them in to the store they are still helpful because I can
throw a bunch of bags in each one and carry it all inside on one trip. They
are great quality and hold up a lot of weight. 

And finally, one more home decor item that I love! Every time I share a photo
of our family room I am asked
about this lamp
cantilever lamp Target

It’s from Target and I love the cantilever design. It’s a classic design that
would fit in with almost any decor, plus it has a built in dimmer! LOVE! 

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites in this year’s favorites round up!
This is always a fun post. Hopefully it gives you some ideas for your loved
ones (or…yourself) this year. 

Now you can take a little blog tour and see what my friends are sharing as
well! I always find something I can’t live without. 😉 

Stay healthy and happy my friends! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and I
will “see” you next week!

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